Organization chart

The laboratory council, elected for 5 years, is consulted on the scientific policy, the functioning and the distribution of the laboratory's resources and proposes to the supervisory institutions the appointment of the director and adjunct directors. It is composed of: • 4 members appointed by the administrative supervising institutions (1 per institution) • 10 elected members of the “Researchers and equivalent teachers” college • 4 members of the “Technical and administrative staff” college • 4 elected members of the “PhD students” college • 3 members appointed by the director of the laboratory after advice from the elected and designated members. • The director and deputy directors (permanent members).
The management committee is made up of the management team (the director and the 3 deputy directors), managers of research teams and the coordinators of doctoral studies. Its mission is to coordinate the laboratory’s activities, create synergies between the teams and prepare guidelines and proposals for the laboratory’s council.
The guardianship council is made up of the Presidents or directors of guardianship institutions. It meets once a year to examine the laboratory's strategy and activities as well as the demand for resources.