LGCgE seminars

Weekly, for members lab only.


Thursday, July 4th – Pr Rafael Estevez from University of Grenoble

Mechanical integrity of polymer film used in microelectronics: an identification of the thermoelastic properties and a coupled criterion analysis of the failure properties

Thursday, June 27th – Pr Benoit Furet from University of Nantes, France

Digital technology, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality... for the construction industry

Thursday, June 20th– Dr Pengchang Wei from Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Origine atomistique du processus de congélation-décongélation de l’argile montmorillonite

Thursday, June 13th – Khalil LHAMIDI, PhD student from LGCgE, University of Lille, France

Study of alternative stormwater management techniques using an experimental approach aimed at improving the hydrological, faunistic and floristic characteristics of soils

Thursday, June 6th – Khawla Boussai de l’IMT Nord Europe, Douai

Recovering clays and industrial waste in light depollution aggregates: Retention of heavy metals

Thursday, May 30th – Lilan ZHANG, PhD student from LGCgE Lille, France

Enhanced adsorption of dyes from wastewater using organoclays

Thursday, May 23th – Dr Rellea Yolene Kouagou Yayoro, PhD student from LGCgE, Lille

Taxonomic and ethnomycological study of macromycetes in the Central African Republic

Thursday, May 16th – Pr Larbi KACIMI from University of Science and Technology, Oran, Algéria

Pistes de production d’un éco-ciment durable comme alternative écologique au ciment conventionnel


Thursday, April 18th – Pr Rochdi Merzouki from University of Lille, France

3D robotic printing process of for public furniture using recycled material


Thursday, April 11th – Pr Taehwan Kim from UNSW Sydney, Australia

Cement and Concrete Research and Challenges toward Net-Zero Emissions


Thursday, April 4th – Dr François Leconte from University of Lorraine

GeoClimate: an open source tool for studying the urban climate


Thursday, March 28th – Dr Florian Schlupp from LGCgE Artois, Béthune - France

Recycling biomass ash: an alternative to natural sand in concrete


Thursday, March 21th – Pr Rao Martand Singh, from Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU), Norway

Driven Geothermal energy pile foundations for heating/cooling buildings


Thursday, March 14th – Dr Jianhong WAN from Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute, Wuhan – China

Multiscale numerical modelling of mechanical behaviors in pile-soil system


Thursday, February 22th – Wantian Zhou, Researcher PhD student from University of Lille-France

Modeling Study on Hydrate-Bearing Sediment

Thursday, February 15th – Dr Bader Bouzar, post-doctoral researcher from IMT Nord Europe, Douai

Processes for stabilising and/or depolluting inorganic-organic contaminants in alternative materials

Thursday, February 8th – Dr Nassim Sebaibi, Head of the Builders Lab Research Unit, Caen- France

Porous concretes based on shellfish co-products

Thrusday, February 1st – Pr Cristian Ovalle de l’Ecoles des Mines de Paris – Université PSL

Is it possible to mimic the stress conditions of internally pressurized pipes by Plane Strain Grooved Tensile (PSGT) specimens?

Thursday, January 25th – Dr Rami Belguith, Professor-researcher from University of Artois, France

Modelling of tool/material interaction and its impact on surface topography and HSM cutting forces

Thursday, January 18th – Pr Elhem Ghorbel, from CY Cergy Paris Université, France

FRP confined recycled aggregates concrete: Efficiency of Bio-resourced composites, design codes and modeling


Thursday, January 11th – Dr Emilie Fréalle from University of Lille

Resistance of Aspergillus fumigatus to azoles: environmental reservoirs and impact on human health


Thursday, December 21th – Pr . Hassan A. Khawaja, from Arctic University – Norway

Multiphysics: Paving the Future of Engineering


Thursday, December 14th – Pr Daniel TUNEGA from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Autria

Interaction energies in soil systems – molecular scale view


Thursday, December 7th – Dr Noé Beaupère from INSA Toulouse, France

PROTEuS project: A thermochemical energy storage prototype based on cementitious materials

Thursday, November 30th – Dr Jonathan Page, professor-researcher from University of Artois, France

Manufacture and characterisation of an ecomaterial for housing based on flax and activated alkali binder

Thrusday, November 23th – Pr Liberato Ferrara de Politecnico di Milano, Italie

Building better, for longer, with less: “holistic” lessons learned from a lustrum long research on Ultra High Performance Concrete @Politecnico-DICA

Thursday, November 16th – Dr Selma Bellara from IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Co-use of mineral waste in road sub-layers: Case study in Algeria focusing on technical and environmental aspects

Thursday, November 9th – Lara Maria Wakim, Researcher PhD student from University of Lille-France

Environmental characterisation of soils: new clues to explain the spatial variability of Crohn's disease?

Thursday, July 6th – Pr Liberato Ferrara, Politecnico di Milano, Italie – REPORT

Building better, for longer, with less: “holistic” lessons learned from a lustrum long research on Ultra High Performance Concrete @Politecnico-DICA


Thursday, June 29th – Dr Sébastien Détriché, professor-researcher from Junia, Lille-France

LGCgE's contribution to soil knowledge programmes in France: development of a typology of soils in Hauts-de-France (TypTerres) based on the Référentiels Régionaux Pédologiques (RRP) (Regional Soil Reference Frameworks)

Thursday, June 22th – Pr Mahdia Hattab from University of Lorraine, France

Mechanical behaviour of clays in relation to their microstructural properties

Thursday, June 15th– Xiao-Dong Zhu from University of Lille

Enhancing coating of calcium silicate hydrate film for durable cementitious materials

Thursday, June 8th– Pr Patrice Rivard from Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Micro-fracturing in rocks and rock-cement interfaces subjected to direct and indirect tensile loading


Thursday, June 1st– Dr Alberto Majias, professor-researcher from Junia, Lille- France

Characterisation of functionalised surfaces

Thursday, May 25th– Soukayna Talibi from University of Artois, Béthune-France

Production of compacted earth bricks (CEBs) reinforced with raw and processed "Gelidium sesquipedale" red algae fibres

Thursday, May 11th– Dr Sébastien Détriché, professor-researcher from Junia, Lille-France

LGCgE's contribution to long-term soil monitoring programmes in France: the example of the RMQS (Réseau de Mesure de la Qualité des Sols - Soil Quality Measurement Network)

Thursday, May 4th– Dr Agnès Zambon, Lecturer from IMT Nord Europe, Douai-France

Formulation et caractérisation physique d’un mortier à base d’argile et allégé par l’incorporation d’une mousse en vue d’une valorisation des sédiments fins de dragage

Thursday, April 13th– Pr Paulina Faria from University of Lisbon, Portugal

Clay plasters


Thursday, April 6th– Pr Zoubeir TOURKI from National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia

Development of a new optimized dimensional and technological approach to LPG fractionation columns through a hydrodynamic study by CFD


Thursday, March 30th– Amar Alyaman, de l’Université de Lille

Renforcement des sols compressibles par inclusions rigides verticales : Modélisation numérique du comportement sous sollicitation dynamique

Thursday, March 23th– Dr Jana Daher from IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Valorisation of dredged sediments and excavated soil in the formulation of printable construction materials

Thursday, March 16th– Dr Joelle Kleib, professor-researcher from IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Valorisation of alternative materials and waste in the manufacture of cement

Thursday, March 9th– Pénélope Cheval from Junia-ISA, Lille, France

Construction of functional and fertile Technosols from urban materials, wastes and by-products for use in bio-intensive micro-gardening

Thursday, March 2nd – Docteur Aritz Burges, Junia-ISA, Lille

Microbial parameters as soil quality indicators of phytomanagement success

Jeudi 9 Février– Pr Zineb Matar from Lebanese University, Beyrouth, Liban

Influence of Dissolved organic matter from urban discharges on the speciation and the bioavailability of metals in anthropized receiving environments


Thursday, February 2nd– Pr Vana Tsimopoulou from HZ University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Flood resilience building in living labs


Thursday, January 26th – Pr Matt Probert from University of York, UK

First principles simulation of matter under extreme conditions


Thursday, January 19th – Pr Andrzej Głuchowski, from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Experimental soil mechanics - the solution to sustainability engineering problems


Thursday, January 12th – Pr Florence COLLET from University of Rennes, France

Hygrothermal behavior of an Earth-Hemp wall under French and Tunisian summer climates : Experimental study in a bi-climatic chamber

Thursday, January 5th – Ahmad KHALIL from IMT Mines Alès, France

Etude de l’influence du traitement des fibres de lin et de la modification de la matrice sur le comportement d’un mortier de ciment