Lab's actions

As a multidisciplinary research center, the LGCgE laboratory consists of scientists belonging to different communities who work together to contribute to an exciting intellectual network focused primarily on infrastructure, transportation, city and environment.

As essential vectors to the development of modern society, Materials and the City must allow a constant balance between the need for sustainable infrastructure and environmental health. The missions of the lab’s Actions on Materials and City is to provide a critical link between the different research teams in the laboratory related to housing and materials, in the broad sense, including concerns about energy and environment.

The main goal of these two actions is to increase interactions at the Lab’s scale, engender new ideas and propose solutions for current cutting-edge issues that are critical to society and the environment.

Lab’s Action on City

Responsible :  Emmanuel Antczak

The lab's Action on City is an opportunity to increase internal interactions in the laboratory in order to respond to many challenges related to the City of today and that of tomorrow. One of the priorities concerns environmental health, through the questions of pollution and waste management, in particular in connection with the air quality in closed environments, multiple sources of pollution in these same environments, microorganism development, storage of pollutants, etc.

In this context, the LGCgE research teams offer recognized skills to be able to respond to this challenge, which can be answered on different scales, from the internal structure specific to each infrastructure material where the source of pollutants is found, up to their extraction at the infrastructure scale.

Lab’s Action on Materials

Responsable : Fahmi Zaïri

The members of the laboratory use / enrich / develop theoretical, computational and experimental approaches, separately or hand-in-hand, for the understanding and prediction of the response (involving coupled phenomena and multi-scale features) of any type of materials, natural or not, including the new cohort of advanced infrastructure materials. The lab’s Action on Materials provides an excellent opportunity to promote the transfer of knowledge between the different academic disciplines involved in the LGCgE laboratory that focus on the materials, often from different viewpoints.

Emphasizing collaborations across the LGCgE, along with research projects that provide real-world context, a priority is identifying and applying radically new approaches, at scales from the nano to the global, to address some of the greatest challenges of our time in the area of sustainability, environment or energy.

BQR 2024 winners
Lab’s Action on City
Annabelle JoulinLaurent LibessartVincent Dubois and Stéphane Lassue

Project title: Etude expérimentale et numérique au niveau de l’évapotranspiration d’un complexe “mur végétalisé – paroi brique
Transversal project betweenER5 andER3

Lab’s Action on Materials
Julien ChamoinVincent Dubois and Laurent Libessart
Project title: Etudes préalables au développement d’une méthode d’écoconception du mycélium pour les bâtiments
Transversal project betweenER3, l’ER2 andER5

Lauréats BQR 2023
Lab’s Action on City
Jonathan Page, Chafika Djelal-Dantec, Fadi Abdel Nour, andFranck BracheletProject title: Fabrication et caractérisation d’un écomatériau pour l’habitat à base de lin et de liant alcali activéTransversal project betweenER3 andER5

Lab’s Action on Materials
Céline Pernin, Brice Louvel and Julien Chamoin
Project title: Conception de Mésocosmes en Matériaux Biosourcés Projet transversal entre l’ER4 andER5