Research Team 3 (ER3) – Concrete & Composite Materials

Responsible : Chafika DJELAL-DANTEC

The research of this team concerns the development and use of experimental and digital tools for the formulation and characterization of materials. The work is based on a strong multidisciplinarity and mainly concerns the materials science of civil engineering.

The fields of competence relate to:

  • The development and characterization of new materials based on industrial by-products.
  • The development of tools for the characterization of materials in situ.
  • Helping to understand the behavior of concrete during its implementation on site (formwork, foundation concrete).
  • The development of new methods for reinforcing concrete or masonry structures.
  • Aging and durability of structures.

The team is very involved in industrial research. It has developed partnerships with major industrial groups. The team has acquired skills in the field of repair using composite materials from end-of-life structures. These works were carried out within the framework of partnerships with industrialists or internationals concerning the coupling of a repair method with the laser shock technique, the development of a process for the repair of sanitation works, as well as the development of a process for strengthening port walls.

The works are classified into three topics :

  • Thème 1 : Tribologie et Rhéologie des bétons
  • Thème 2 : Valorisation des sous-produits industriels et matériaux biosourcés pour l’habitat
  • Thème 3 : Vieillissement et durabilité des structures