New-C-Land project: Franco-Belgian dynamic for the development of a biosourced economy linked to the phytomanagement of marginal sites

Type of project : Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen
Dates : de juillet 2018 à juin 2022 (4 ans)
Equipe de recherche concerné : ER 4
Project manager : Brice Louvel
Center concerned : Junia
Partners : French operators

  • Chambre  d’Agriculture  de  Région  Nord  Pas-de-Calais
  • Institut  National  de  l’Environnement  Industriel  et  des  Risques  (INERIS)
  • ISA  –  Yncrea  Hauts  de  France  –  Laboratoire  de  Génie  Civil  et  géo-Environnement

Walloon operators :

  • Atrasol
  • Université  Gembloux  Agro-Bio  Tech  (ULiège,  Axe  EESP)
  • ValBiom

Flemish Operators :

  • Université  de  Gand  UGent  –  unité  ECOCHEM

Associated operator :

  • Direction  Régionale  de  l’Alimentation,  l’Agriculture  et  la  Forêt  des  Hauts-de-France
Website :

Project description

Phytomanagement is an effective technique for enhancing marginal sites (SMarg). These sites can be industrial or urban wastelands, polluted or not, areas prone to erosion, water catchment protection perimeters, etc. The development of products from renewable sources represents an important prospect for the Union. European. The biomass generated by phytomanagement can be integrated into the biobased economy as a resource, whether in terms of bioenergy or as a source of products/materials.

The New-C-Land project aims to promote (and support?) projects and initiatives to plant abandoned sites that cannot be used for food purposes. Its objectives are :

  • to inventory and map marginal sites in Wallonia, Northern France and Flanders from regional and national databases ;
  • to identify bio-based value chains near marginal sites ;
  • to constitute a SMarg network by setting up information campaigns with the actors concerned (owners, managers of SMarg, potential users of plant raw materials from Smarg) ;
  • to initiate and support planting projects on SMarg;
  • to contribute to the development of the bio-based economy by communicating with public and private sector players.

Co-financed within the framework of the Interreg France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen Programme, the New-C-Land project benefits from the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), OVAM, the West-Vlaanderen Province and Wallonia.

Scientific contributions from the laboratory


Launch event of the New-C-Land project

Press release

Presentation brochure of the New-C-Land project