Recruitment of an Assistant Engineer

The assistant engineer will be integrated into the LGCgE, Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment, which is a multidisciplinary research laboratory bringing together teams of researchers from several establishments in the Hauts de France region. He will collaborate with the various research teams at the Béthune site at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, in the fields of building heat and building materials. For the thermal part, the studies relate to the thermal characterization of materials, non-destructive testing, energy storage, bio-climatic envelope components, and air quality. For the materials part, the work concerns the understanding of the behavior of concrete and the development of eco-materials for the building from the valuation of industrial and/or agricultural co-products. The assistant engineer will be required to develop experimental protocols, participate in test campaigns, analyze results in collaboration with teacher-researchers, engineers, doctoral students and student trainees within the laboratory.

Essential activities :

  • Assemble, adjust and test devices or experimental assemblies (test benches for the thermophysical characterization of building materials and cementitious materials),
  • Conduct experiments or installations according to predefined objectives,
  • Develop or adapt procedures for using the devices,
  • Analyze the results of the trials, compare them with the objectives, adjust or modify the protocol,
  • Analyze and process the data with a view to their exploitation,
  • Train users in the implementation of experimental devices (training of trainees and doctoral students),
  • Establish plans or diagrams for a realization (mechanical, electronic, etc.), perform sizing calculations,
  • Adapt parts of equipment and carry out follow-up,
  • Ensure the maintenance of equipment and/or experiments,
  • Manage supplies for the operation and maintenance of experiments or facilities,
  • Follow, in his field, the evolutions of experimental techniques and train to implement them,
  • Monitor and control internal or external manufacturing or services,
  • Write technical sheets, a handling book, an analysis report,
  • Apply and enforce health and safety rules around the facilities,
  • Participate in the development of laboratory technologies,
  • Participation in research projects and contracts.

Required Skills :

  • Metrology (general knowledge),
  • Physical sciences (basic notions),
  • Use domain-specific software (piloting experiments),
  • Ensure the maintenance of common equipment within the laboratory,
  • Transmit knowledge,
  • Write reports or technical documents,
  • Apply health and safety rules,
  • Apply public procurement regulations.

Gross salary: 1593 euros/month non-negotiable

Based in Béthune

Contract duration: 12 months

Expected start date: 01/09/2022

Timesheet :

  • Monday to Friday
  • Day work

Education :

  • Bac +3 (License / Bachelor) (Required)

Expérience :

  • instrumentation and experimental techniques: 1 year (Optional)
  • Bac +3 (License / Bachelor) (Required)