Recruitment of a post-doc in multi-scale modeling of the thermomechanical, vibratory and acoustic properties of modified ballast

The degradation of ballast properties under dynamical stresses imposed by the circulation of trains shows that the latter is not resistant and gradually worn by fragmentation of the grains at the contacts. This behavior strongly depends on the shape, size and mineralogical nature of the grains composing it. In order to find solutions for prolonging ballast lifespan, it is crucial, first, to understand the origins and mechanisms leading to ballast degradation when it is subjected to complex loading. The objective of this project is to use multiscale numerical modeling to analyze and improve the strength, the durability as well as vibrational and acoustic properties of railroad ballast under external loading and environmental conditions. We will develop models to describe the morphology of grains, their sizes, the porosity effects as well as their surface contacts and grain cohesion. We aim at the end to predict the “ballast of the future” by applying a coating on its surface or by changing its mineralogical nature to reinforce its thermomechanical, vibrational and acoustic properties.

We are recruiting a post-doctoral fellow for a period of 12 months (renewable) within the LGCgE University of Lille. A good knowledge of computer tools such as molecular dynamics and multi-scale approaches is necessary.

Do you want to apply ?

Interested candidates can submit their detailed CV (pdf file) and detailed description of their scientific achievement to Pr Ali Zaoui.