LGCgE weekly seminars

Weekly, for members lab only.


Thursday, May 12th – Professor J. Ramon Gil-Garcia from University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY).

Towards a Multidimensional View of Smart Cities :

Discussing an Illustrative Example and a General Framework


Thursday, May 5th – Mr. Martin Paumelle from the University of Lille, France

Chronic diseases and environmental pollution

Thursday, April 28th – Monsieur Mahrez SAADEDINE de l’Université de Lille, France

A micromechanical model for the damage self-healing prediction of hydrogels reinforced by nanoparticles

Thursday, April 7th – Mr. Fouad BELAYALI of IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Valorization of dredged sediments in sealing asphalts

Thursday, March 31st – Professor Amina MESLEM from the University of Rennes 1, France

Mixed ventilation using diffuser devices with lobed inserts


Thursday, March 24th – Professor Majdouline LAANAIYA from Junia, Lille, France

Small-scale characterization and nano-strengthening of cementitious materials

Thursday March 17th – Mr. Florian SCHLUPP, PhD student at the University of Artois, Béthune, France

Valorization of biomass under-fire ash as sand

Thursday, March 10th – Mrs Jana DAHER, PhD student from IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Development of 3D printed cementitious mortars

Thursday, March 3rd – Mrs. Julie DRANSART from Junia, Lille, France

Pedofauna and soil functionality in a context of climate change: the CLIMIBIO program

Thursday, February 24th – Zeinab Mkahal from IMT Nord Europe, Douai, France

Production of hydraulic road binders based on paper mill fly ash

Thursday, February 17th – Professor Diane Gardner, Cardiff University (U.K.)

Recent advances in self-healing materials – a Cardiff perspective

Bio and Abstract

Thursday, February 10th – Professor Yann Malecot from the University of Grenoble, France

Behavior of concrete structures under severe impact


Thursday, February 3rd – Professor Rajeev Ahuja from Uppsala University, Sweden

Hydrogen rich materials for hydrogen storage under high pressure


Thursday, January 27th Professor Rachid Bennacer from ENS-Paris Saclay, France

The problems of prediction and control of complex systems : the case of buildings


Thursday, January 20th – Karim Kandil, Lecturer at ICAM, Lille, France

Mechanics of soft materials and related multi-physics coupling mechanisms: Constitutive modeling and experimental observations

Thursday, January 13th – Amani ABDALLAH, PhD student at the University of Artois, Béthune, France

Valorization of dredged sediments in public works materials, experimental approach and modeling strategy

Thursday, January 6th– Soukaina AJOUGUIM, PhD student at the University of Artois, Béthune, France

Effect of treated Alfa fibers on the hydration kinetics, mechanical and adhesion properties of cementitious composites